To become a member of the Institute, you should normally be pursuing studies in any discipline related to the Hellenic world at the undergraduate level or above. Members thus include current Institute Fellows and interns; faculty and students from institutions of higher education, museums and other such bodies; and school teachers in Canada. The Institute may also approve applications from bona fide independent writers, artists and researchers.

Membership in CIG is a prerequisite for individuals wishing to apply through the Institute for permits from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is also a prerequisite for participation in CIG-sponsored fieldwork projects.

Benefits and privileges of membership include receipt of the Institute’s semi-annual Bulletin and invitations to Institute events in Greece and Canada, as well as the right to vote at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting. Members visiting Greece will also benefit enormously from obtaining a pass allowing free entry to all museums and archaeological sites in Greece; discounted accommodation in the Institute’s hostel; and the use of CIG’s and other foreign schools’ libraries in Athens.

If you are a student or an employee of this institution, you can have a discount by choosing Student Special or Regular Special:

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