This 2003-2006 project was a synergasia between the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Canadian Institute. It was co-directed by Katerina Delaporta (GSC: Ephorate for Underwater Antiquities),  (Shelley Wachsmann (Texas A & M University), Anastasios Mitrousis (HCMR), Spyros Volonakis (HCMR) and Dimitris Sakellariou (HCMR). It aimed to locate one or more of the shipwrecks described by Herodotos in the Persian invasion of Greece in 479 B.C. in order to better understand naval ships of this period. A joint undertaking of CAIA, the Ephoreia of Underwater Antiquities (EEA) and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), a number of wreck sites were discovered, identified by groupings of amphoras, and bronze objects like spear butt spikes were also found.

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