The Khavania Topographical and Architectural Mapping Project took place in 2019 and 2021 as a synergasia between the CIG, the Ephoria of East Crete, and the INSTAP Study Center, East Crete. It was directed by Rodney D. Fitzsimons (Trent University) and Matt Buell (Concordia University). In 2019, their overall goal was to document all natural and anthropogenic features at Khavania, including those found within the Ephoria trenches and those visible on the surface elsewhere across the peninsula. Upon return in 2021, they focused on documentation and cleaning of visible architectural features on the peninsula, intensive pedestrian survey of the  peninsula, and study of material remains collected during the 2019 field season. Thus far, they have discovered 77 architectural features and cleaned 24 of them, which are now integrated into their overall site plan.