The CIG is one of seventeen institutions recognized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture as a Foreign Archaeological School or Institute. These institutions are charged with primary responsibility for archaeological research in Greece carried out by their nationals.

The privileges extended to the Foreign Archaeological Schools/Institutes include the right to apply each year for permission to carry out excavations and archaeological field survey, for permission for members to study museum objects, and for passes allowing members free entry to all archaeological sites and museums in Greece.

The obligations of each Foreign Archaeological School/Institute include employing a Director and year-round staff in Greece, maintaining a library in Greece which is available for use also by Greek scholars and students, and the presentation and publication of the results of the institution’s research.

American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens
Austrian Archaeological Institute
Belgian School at Athens
British School at Athens
Danish Institute at Athens
Finnish Institute at Athens
French School at Athens
Georgian Institute at Athens
German Archaeological Institute
Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens
Italian Archaeological School at Athens
Netherlands Institute in Athens
Norwegian Institute at Athens
Swedish Institute at AthensSwiss
School of Archaeology in Greece
Nordic Library at Athens