The Central Achaia Phthiotis Survey (CAPS) focuses on an ancient region, Achaia Phthiotis, in central Greece. This project is a synergasia between the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the CIG, and is co-directed by Dr. Sophia Karapanou (Ephorate of Antiquities, Larissa) and Dr. Margriet Haagsma (University of Alberta), with Dr. Lana Radloff (Bishop’s University) formerly serving as Assistant Director (2019-2020). CAPS looks at the landscape around the 4th-2nd century BCE urban community at ‘Kastro’ previously researched as part of the KKAP project, specifically the potential and use of natural resources, the development of cultivation practices, pastoralist strategies and the evolution of transport routes/networks. Thus far, they have found that the landscape immediately surrounding the Kastro is occupied with architecture including fountain houses, extramural architecture, tholos tombs, and a necropolis with tile graves, marking it as a funerary landscape. So far, they have mapped several features, documented two looted tholos tombs, and excavated one.

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