The Canadian Institute houses a 6,000-volume library specializing in the anthropology, archaeology, environment, history and literature of the Mediterranean, but with particular emphasis on Greece. The holdings are organized according to the Library of Congress system.

The library may be used by members of CIG and the other Foreign Archaeological Schools/Institutes in Athens, upon presentation of a valid membership card. Greek scholars and students may also use the library, while members of CIG are granted reading rights in the libraries of all the other Greek and foreign archaeological institutions in Athens.

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As Canada’s only research institution in the Mediterranean, the Institute aims to become a repository for Canadian scholarship on Hellenic and Mediterranean studies. All Canadian/Canada-based scholars are invited to send copies of their publications (books, edited volumes, monographs and offprints) to CIG for inclusion in its library.

Books & Monographs
Books & Monographs
Books & Monographs


Apart from the archive of Institute papers (correspondence, fieldwork reports, etc.), the Institute houses the Frederick E. Winter photographic negative collection (digitized), which constitute a wide-ranging catalogue of images of archaeological sites across the Mediterranean, but especially Greece, taken between 1957 and 1993.

Books & Monographs
Photographic Negatives