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L’ICG travaille en étroite collaboration avec des membres institutionnels afin de permettre à des étudiants gradués et non-gradués de participer à un stage de formation de trois mois dans nos bureaux à Athènes.


Stagiaire de l’Université Wilfrid Laurier

Nekesh Nair
(Septembre à Décembre 2021)

Nekesh Nair is a recent graduate of the Archaeology and Heritage Studies program at Wilfrid Laurier University, who is planning on continuing his education in Classical Archaeology at the graduate level.

Through the various courses and experiences undertaken while doing his undergraduate degree, particularly excavations and courses related to the Classical world, Nekesh developed a fascination with the history and the archaeology of Greece. Nekesh will be starting his graduate program in the fall of 2022 and will be hoping to develop more insight and gain new experiences in Classical Archaeology.

Being given the opportunity to work as an intern at the Canadian Institute in Greece, Nekesh hopes to learn more about the archaeology of Greece. Additionally, he hopes to gain more knowledge about further careers in archaeology that can be undertaken after his graduate program.


Stagiaire de l’Université Wilfrid Laurier

Alice Maksimowski
(Septembre à Décembre 2021)

Alice Maksimowski is an undergraduate student in her fourth year at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is majoring in Archaeology and Heritage Studies and double-minoring in Ancient Studies and Medievalism Studies. She plans to continue her archaeological studies to a graduate level.

Through her studies and opportunities to participate in archaeological excavations in Romania and Jordan, Alice has formed an interest focusing on the Classical world and the medieval era in Europe and the Middle East. She is also interested in the study of osteology, and would like to continue her studies in that area.

By being given the opportunity to work at the Canadian Institute in Greece, Alice hopes to learn about Greek culture, language, and history, as well as the history of archaeological excavations in the region. This position will help her understand what other career paths there are in the archaeological community.


Stagiaire de l’Université McGill

Ioannis Dedes
(Mai à Juillet 2022)

Ioannis Dedes is a second-year undergraduate student at McGill, majoring in Political Science and History, planning to continue his studies in ancient political philosophy and theory. He is also an award-winning writer and researcher with 250+ online articles, 10+ agency collaborations, and 100,000+ online reads.

Through his undergraduate studies and extracurricular writing portfolio, Ioannis has made sure to link his political theory and philosophical interest with the world of ancient Greece and historically relevant aspects of archaeological heritage. His research focuses on a combination of the ancient Greek world with the political theory developed at that time, and archaeology is a vital part of this approach.

By having the honor to work as an intern at the Canadian Institute in Greece, Ioannis seeks to conduct research based on archaeological fieldwork and analyze as much scholarly research as possible. The ultimate goal is to gain more insight into the Greek world of Antiquity and the starting point of politics.


Stagiaire de l’Université de Toronto

Kate Haberl
(Mai à Juillet 2022)

Kate Haberl is an undergraduate student entering her fourth year at the University of Toronto. She is double majoring in International Relations and Anthropology (with a focus in Archaeology) and minoring in Classical Civilizations. After graduating, Kate hopes to continue her studies at the graduate level.

Through her studies of Archaeology and the Classical World, Kate has become somewhat of a Hellenist. She is particularly interested in fifth-century Athens, Greek colonization, and spectacle in the Greek and Roman worlds.

Through interning at the Canadian Institute in Greece, Kate hopes to learn some Greek and experience modern Greek culture. She also hopes to make connections within the archaeological community in Greece and explore paths to take after graduating.


Stagiaire de l’Université York

Julius Makos
(Mai à Juillet 2022)

Julius Makos is currently a fourth-year undergraduate student at York University pursuing a specialized honours degree in Business & Financial Economics. He is a second-generation Canadian of Greek heritage.

In his undergrad, Julius wrote a term paper on the History of Greek Sovereign Debt Defaults. In his time at the Canadian Institute in Greece, he hopes to further his research of the Greek economy with a specific interest in firm size distributions and how to alleviate unemployment amongst young adults.