$100,000 Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Canadian Institute in Greece,

I hope that you are doing well as we continue to navigate the challenges of a global pandemic. The Canadian Institute in Greece (CIG) is not alone in encountering difficulties over the course of the past year. We are grateful for the continued support of so many people and organizations who are proud of the great work being done by the CIG.

During the pandemic, the CIG has continued to be active and vibrant. Last October, our Assistant Director, Jonathan Tomlinson, oversaw the move into the Institute's new premises located at 3 Orminiou Street in Athens. This is the new home base for the CIG and will serve as a venue for archaeological and cultural activities. Renovations of that building continue and we expect it to be fully operational in the near future. When circumstances permit, we will hold an official opening for this facility, which is the result of incredible support from so many individuals and organizations. We also continue to plan and hold events, including lectures hosted online through Zoom. This will include the Open Meeting of the CIG in May, a showcase of work and research being conducted by our members.

The CIG also takes pride in the support that it provides for young Canadian and Greek-Canadian scholars to explore Hellenic culture. For students, we provide a home base and community for these individuals to grow academically and to experience experiential learning via field projects and study abroad initiatives. There are also internships and scholarship opportunities aimed at young scholars to support their academic journey.

We are proud of the above initiatives, but like many others we also face a difficult financial reality due to the pandemic. We have lost revenue from limited use of our hostel in Athens, a lack of summer fieldwork, and the loss of membership fees from individuals who participate in CIG projects during the summer. Our investment funds were also hit hard by stock market losses in 2020. While they have recovered, the limited interest generating over that period has also impacted us. The CIG’s Treasurer, Jeff Banks, and Jonathan Tomlinson have worked tirelessly to ensure that our operations continue uninterrupted. We run a very tight budget with no room for cuts and one that is dependent on our regular, annual revenue streams.

At present, the deficit facing the CIG over the past year is close to $81,000 and there will be additional lost revenue during the 2021/2022 fiscal year that will increase that number. We are thus making an appeal to our members, friends, and supporters to help us raise $100,000 to cover this shortfall. Raising these funds will enable us to avoid further use of the Operating Endowment to cover our deficit and ensure that we can replenish our various funds. We also encourage you to become a Member of the CIG or to renew your Membership if it has lapsed.

The CIG has faced challenges before and has prevailed thanks to its friends and supporters. A clear example of this is the recent Million-Dollar Campaign that helped to fund the purchase and renovation of the Institute's new facility at 3 Orminiou Street. The CIG is a beacon for Greek-Canadian relationships and for the promotion of the archaeology, history and culture of Greece in both countries. We continue this work unfazed. It is through the generous support of so many people that we engage in important initiatives and that we ensure the future success of the CIG.

Sincerely yours,
Scott Gallimore, President
Canadian Institute in Greece

Donations by cheque should be made out to “The Canadian Institute in Greece” and mailed to:
Jeff Banks
Treasurer, CIG
13192 Jasper Place
Tecumseh, ON N8N 3K4

Payment by  email money transfer can be sent to treasurer@cig-icg.gr
If you have any questions, please get in touch with the CIG Treasurer at treasurer@cig-icg.gr.