Lecture by Dimitri Nakassis

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 19:30 to 20:30
Canadian Institute, Dionysiou Aiginitou 7
Event Description: 

Dimitri Nakassis (Associate Professor, Department of Classics, University of Toronto), “From types to relations: complicating the economic history of the Greek Late Bronze Age”

Research into the early Greek economy has largely relied on static types built from the top down on the basis of analogical and textual evidence, despite the rapid growth in the archaeological evidence over the past fifty years. This paper argues, through analysis of the internal organization of the palatial economy and its external exchange relations, that conventional models do not adequately explain the economy of the Greek Late Bronze Age. It is usually thought, on analogy with the Near East, that the economic roles of the Mycenaean palaces were redistributive as to staples and reciprocal as to wealth, yet the evidence is much less clear than has been thought. Internally, the palaces made use of a variety of means to acquire goods, including market-type exchanges, and it is probable that interregional trade was mainly coordinated by elite intermediaries.