The Canadian Institute in Greece receives no government funding, and therefore its activities are made possible due to the generosity of its academic and private supporters. Every donation truly makes a difference!

Gifts may be directed towards the general ongoing operations of CIG, or towards any of the special Funds detailed here. Non-specific donations will be directed towards the most pressing needs of the Institute.

Registered in Canada as a charitable institution under paragraph 149.1 of the Income Tax Act (Registration number: 88902 4394 RR0001), any donation to the Canadian Institute in Greece is entitled to a receipt for Canadian income tax purposes.

For further information, please contact the Institute’s Past President, Dr. Gerald Schaus.


Ways to Give

The Million Dollar Campaign was launched in 2017 following the Institute's purchase of a magnificent building in the heart of Athens which will serve as our permanent home.
Donations will support the purchase and renovation costs of the building as well as endowing an annual amount for maintenance and repairs.

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The Fred and Joan Winter Student Travel Bursary Fund was established in 2014. The goal is to endow the Bursary at a level of $50,000, so that an annual Bursary of $2,000 might be awarded to a Canadian graduate student in need of travel in the Mediterranean area for research purposes.

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The Schaus Student Internship Bursary Fund has been established to support students who have been accepted to serve an internship during the regular academic year (September to May) at the Canadian Institute in Greece. Such students will be considered automatically for a bursary to help offset costs for travelling to and living in Greece. Priority will be given to undergraduate students. Students from Wilfrid Laurier University will be given special consideration since this was the home institution of Professor Gerald P. Schaus who established this bursary award.

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The Institute has three separate Fellowship Funds, each established to provide the necessary resources to support a nine-month Fellowship for a graduate student or post-doctoral researcher who demonstrates a clear need to carry out work in Greece. The Fellowships supported by these funds are:

Archive needs:
For the proper long-term storage of documents and illustrative materials relating to the Institute’s fieldwork projects, as well as other Institute documents and correspondence, high quality materials are required. These include acid-free labels, folders, storage boxes, slide holders, negative holders and photograph holders.

Guest Apartment Needs:
The accommodation for our visiting members requires the replacement of various items each year to make it attractive and functional. These include new sheets, pillow cases and towel sets for the rooms, small appliances for the kitchen, additional furniture and artworks for the walls.

Improvements (Offices, Library and Accommodations)
A regular program of proper maintenance and proactive improvements is essential for the upkeep of the offices, Library and accommodations of the Institute. Such work includes painting, replacement of major appliances, installation of double glazed aluminum doors and windows, and contributions to similar maintenance and renovations for the building as a whole.
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The Building Fund was established in 2005 in order to provide for the purchase and renovation of property in Athens to house the Institute's library, offices and hostel. As the Institute continues to grow, further expansion and improvement of its facilities will be required. The Building Fund anticipates and provides for this continued growth.

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The Endowment Fund (or Operating Endowment Fund) was established in 1997 to provide a source of unrestricted income to cover some of the annual operating expenses of the Institute, including a portion of salaries, office overheads, publication of the CIG Bulletin, the lecture series, and incidental one-time expenses. This is the most important Fund established by the Institute to ensure that CIG has the necessary resources at its disposal for all contingencies.

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The Publication Fund was established in 2014 to provide a source of income to support the production of the occasional monographs which appear in the Publications of the Canadian Institute in Greece series. These are generally the proceedings of conferences organized by the Institute, as well as final publications of Institute-sponsored fieldwork.

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The Desmarais - Foreman Library Fund is an amalgamation of two separate funds established in the 1980s to provide resources for the Institute's library. The Desmarais Family Library Fund was combined with the John A. Foreman Library Fund in 1995 to create a single source of income for book purchases, library equipment, binding, cataloguing and other needs which arise in maintaining and expanding the Institute's research library.

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The Director’s Honorarium Fund was established in 1997 during the Institute’s three-year fundraising campaign. Its purpose was to provide a source of income devoted to the annual honorarium received by the Director of the Institute in Athens. Since 1994, the Director's position has been filled by a Canadian scholar resident in Athens who has devoted a portion of his or her time to the Institute's business, for which an honorarium has been paid. Some of the costs for the position are borne by income from this Fund.

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